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League Registration Winter 2017 - League and Tournament Registration

Please fill out and SIGN the form to register

League Cost
(7v7) 2017​ ​Winter​ ​Season​ ​League​ ​Fees​ ​(7v7) 2595.00$ + Tax
​16​ ​Games​ ​+​ ​MSL​ ​CUP​ ​+​ ​pre-season​ ​Tournament
(D1) 2017​ ​D1​ ​70​ ​minutes​ ​Winter​ ​Season​ ​League​ ​Fees 2895.00$ + Tax
​16​ ​Games​ ​+​ ​MSL​ ​CUP​ ​+​ ​pre-season​ ​Tournament
Tournament Open Tournament ​Fees 195.00$ + Tax
​Oct. 14th, 2017 - 3​ ​Games​ Minimum
500$ ​non-refundable​ ​deposit​ ​is​ ​due​ ​before​ ​season​ ​to​ ​secure​ ​spot
1500$ ​1st​ ​payment​ ​due​ ​1st​ ​game​ ​ 2017
Balance$ ​2nd​ ​payment​ ​due​ ​on​ ​Nov15​ ​ ​2017

Preferred method of Payment is interac e-transfer sent to

The league is using FIFA RULES

The League will not be held liable for any injuries sustained during a game, it is the personal decision of each player to participate willingly.

THE TEAM ACKNOWLEDGES HAVING READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE LEAGUE RULES & REGULATIONS POSTED ON THE WEB SITE link : Laws of the game: AND AGREES TO ACCEPT AND ABIDE BY THEM. There are no refunds available, under ANY circumstance. A team that is not in good standing with the league may be expulsed without any refund. The captain that signs below is responsible to follow the payment schedule as per this form and is personally responsible with the terms of this contract between the Montreal Soccer League and the team.