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Laws of the game Montreal Soccer League

New Players Deadline

The last game to add new players is:

  1. Game 12 for divisions playing 16 games in the season
  2. Game 15 for divisions playing 18 games in the season

General Rules

  1. The games are played 7 vs 7
  2. The referee and league will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained during the game
  3. Players must be 18 years old on gameday. ALL players must provide a photo ID (Driver’s License, Medicare or Passport)
  4. A minimum of 5 players are required to start a game. 1 goal penalty per 5 minutes late up to 15 min resulting in a 3-0 default
  5. Win = 3 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points
  6. Transfer deadline is game 12. No new players after game 12
  7. All player transfers must be approved by the league, with the exception of the player designated as the goaltender. A player can play as an outfield player for one team, and as a goaltender for another. One goaltender per team for playoff games.
  8. A player must have played in at least 3 games to be eligible for the playoffs.
    1. Tie Breakers
    2. Most wins
    3. Goal difference
    4. Record VS
  9. Top 2 teams of each division are promoted to a higher division
  10. Bottom 2 teams are relegated to a lower division

On the field Rules

  1. With the exception of the goalkeeper, no player may wear long pants. All others must be above knee.
  2. The OFFICIAL team sheet must be presented to the referee prior to the start of the game.
  3. Away team must change jerseys if colours clash with opponent's listed colour.
  4. Maximum of 2 designated coaches can sit at the bench. They must be registered on the gamesheet. NO CHILDREN are allowed on the bench.
  5. Suspended players are not allowed on the bench.
  6. INDOOR - All touch and out of bound plays are kick-ins.
  7. OUTDOOR - All touch and out of bound plays are throw-ins.
  8. All free kicks are direct, with the exception of the penalty area.
  9. Opponents must be 5 yards from ball on all dead ball kicks.
  10. Shin pads are mandatory.
  11. Only sports glasses are acceptable.
  12. Each team is allowed a maximum of 18 players per game. Late players must present themselves to the referee before the start of the 2nd half.
  13. Ball MUST be played forward from any center field kick-off. Opponents must give 5 yards. Automatic caution without warning for failure to give distance.
  14. If a player should intentionally play the ball back to the keeper by foot (below the knee) the keeper must not play the ball by hand. Should this infraction occur inside the penalty area a INDIRECT free kick shall be taken from the penalty spot. As this is not an actual penalty kick, a defending wall is allowed before referee whistles to restart the game.
  15. Yellow card for caution. 2 Yellow's in the same game results in a RED CARD.
  17. No slide tackling. No exceptions. Slide tackle inside penalty area will result in Penalty Kick.
  18. No playing on the ground.
  19. No rebound on a penalty shot. It is a goal or a goal kick.
  20. Last man foul results in a RED CARD.
  21. If a player leaves his bench to start or get involved in an altercation, automatic red card. 5 game minimum suspension. Second offense will result in life ban.
  22. If spectators or people accompanying team enter field to get involved in an altercation. Automatic default. Fines will apply as stated in the Fines section.
  23. Goalkeepers may score by throwing the ball into the opponents net.
  24. If the ball hits the ceiling the kick shall be taken from a spot directly below where the ball first touched. EXCEPTION: Over penalty area shall be a corner kick.
  25. Mercy rule is applied when a 10 Goal difference occurs


  1. A suspension for an accumulation of 3 yellow cards will be fined 15$ to the team.
  2. A straight red card will be fined 25$ to the team, except for last man foul, which will be fined 15$.
  3. If a teams defaults a game, a fine of 100$ will apply.
  4. Leaving bench in case of altercation 150$ will apply.
  5. 3 defaults will result in the team’s expulsion from the league
  6. All the fines must be payed before the next game of the team.